If it does not roll, When it is determined that there is no problem with the circuit, replace the turret motor and the water in the turret motor, causing the motor to short-circuit the drying motor, install protection, and take good insulation measures.

There is no power supply for the CNC lathe tool post motor. Check whether there is an open circuit in the power supply circuit of the tool post motor, whether the contacts are in good contact, and whether the strong electrical components are damaged; check whether the fuse is blown and the pull-up resistor is not connected to the tool position.

The input signal is connected to a 2K pull-up resistor. If this resistor is not connected,China custom entire roll forming line Manufacturer the tool post does not rotate on a macroscopic level. The actual action is to rotate forward and then turn immediately, so that the tool post does not seem to move. The three-jaw chuck is an important part in the lathe that transmits force and motion.

Because the pneumatic chuck is reliable, agile and easy to operate, it is widely used in modern CNC machine tools. The three-jaw chuck is relatively easy to disassemble, and it is relatively solid, so novices can disassemble it while watching. First find a few (hexagon socket) screws on the back of the three-jaw chuck of the lathe and remove them, then hammer the disc inside the three-jaw from the front to the back with a wooden or copper rod, and take out the disc.

After removing the small disc for positioning and dust-proofing, find several flat screwdriver screws at the corresponding positions behind the three claws of the lathe chuck, so that the bevel gear with the three claws can be taken out.